Enhance your CRM with
regularly updated company data

Enrich your CRM
With Kompass :
A directory including 5 million companies
All activities referenced
A daily business partner

Why should you develop your CRM?

CRM is the basis for the prospecting carried out by your sales reps.

Enriching your CRM with qualified leads is the best way to grow your business. Unfortunately, the data in company CRM tools are often obsolete. Employees are increasingly mobile. Customers, prospects and suppliers regularly change positions and employers. This means sales reps waste valuable prospecting time because they have bad company data.

How can you enrich your CRM?

Kompass, a specialist in international B2B data, helps you enrich your CRM solution.

In fact, each day Kompass works to update information for the more than 5 million companies listed in its directory.

With the CRM enrichment offer from Kompass, you can be confident that you are giving your sales reps the right data for their business prospecting.

Enrich your CRM
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